Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Let's be Artsy Fartsy! Easy DIY - Pen cups/Make up Brush cups

I've been wanting to do this for awhile now.  This is a super easy DIY to show you that you can transform something not so artsy into something artsy in just a couple of simple steps. 

Why spend the money on generic pen cups or a make up brush cup when you can take an empty paint container, clean it up and add a bit of fun to it.

If you don't paint; any empty jar would work, of course.

This is the paint container I started with.  Image from, the art store.
(Except I had an empty white paint container.)
Step 1:  When you have used up the paint (or whatever was in the jar), wash out the jar and make sure it is completely clean.  Feel free to toss the top, as you won't need it unless you have a super fantastic idea for it!  (Share if you do!)  As you're washing it, take the label off.  It's so much easier to take off when it's wet.    

Step 2:  After your jar is completely clean, choose how you want to decorate it.  I chose the simple route and just tied a ribbon around it and put a dab of glue behind the bow to secure it even more.  You can glitter-ize it (surprisingly I did not do this! ...yet), add little jewels around it, you can even paint it!  I liked how this jar was kind of a 'foggy' see-through and I wanted to show this. 

Two different bows perfect for my desk at work!  (:
The flower pen in the cup is found here
Now my make up brushes are shorter than normal ones, so that it why it looks ..well, short.
I might add some glitter to this cup because of that reason.  I'll keep you updated!!
Goes well with the Cinderella water globe in background, huh? ;)
I hope you  enjoyed this super easy DIY!  Just goes to show that anyone can make an ordinary object into something artsy. 
Have fun!! 


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