Thursday, October 25, 2012

Artsy Nail Art! // ideas & inspiration to get yourself started.

I tend to do my nails a lot.  Usually crazy ways, so why not incorporate it into here?  I have in the past.  I say if you are wanting to do nail art on your nails; start out small first.  Do angular designs and work your way up to the fancy schmancy stuff.  This will help with your control because eventually, your control will get better ....sometimes that can be a pain. 

So here are a few ideas that I have done in the past.  I took the pictures with my phone, so please excuse the not great quality.

Just start with one color here (I started with white), let it dry.  
Second add a color to half your nail and let that dry.
I believe the second color I put down was the yellow, straight across the tip of my nail.
Third I added the pink going up and down on one side of my nail.
After that dried, the greenish color comes next over top part of the pink.
I wanted to separate the white and yellow, so I went in with a thin nail art brush there going horizontal
but not going across the whole nail. .

The trick is be patient and let each color dry COMPLETELY. 

This is a semi typical french tip, except not really.  I started with the dark red color.
 Let that dry completely.
Next came a thick white line across the tip of my nail.
After that dried, I added a skinnier pink to top it off.
I wanted angles with this design.
I know I started with the white and just kept layering colors on to after each dried.
Then I went in with a black nail art pen and made the finishing touches.
The trick with layering colors is a) letting it dry COMPLETELY and b) using opaque colors.
If you were to use a transparent, sheer color it would work for the nail designs coming next but not layering. 
I was trying to go for a 'ombre' effect for fall.
I don't know how many of you are familiar with JulieG713 over
on youtube but she did a tutorial on
'ombre' style nails that was super easy.

You just need a make up sponge; paint the nail polish on it in stripes
and simply pat it on your nails, maybe once or twice.
 I used two colors and it faded into each other well. 
Hot pink!  Just like the fall 'ombre' nails above but in HOT PINK!
This is my first Halloween design this year.
Just simple and linear, starting with orange;
then the gold; finishing the black stripe.
The thin stripes are used to finish the look and hide if the two other colors
don't quite look straight.  
I am planning to wear one more Halloween nail design before next week, so be on the look out for that.  In the mean time, check out last years SPOOKY EYES Halloween nail art and how it's done. 

So if you're wanting to get into nail art:
  • definitely start out simple.
  • For layering stipes, let each color dry completely and use opaque colors. 
  • Patience.
And yes, I did these nail designs on BOTH hands.  Naturally my left came out a bit better but my right hand came out pretty good. (I am right handed.) The only tip for working on the hand you write with is just to go slower.  Don't be afraid to go outside the nail a bit.  You can clean that up. 

Have you done any nail art? Or do you have any ideas for myself?  Let me know!
I'll see you tomorrow with a goal related, inspiration post for Fabulous Friday!! 


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