Friday, July 20, 2012

My Dream Studio Space.

My dream studio space would be... an open space, a loft...

...with white walls...!

..and tall windows!
Source: via Brenda on Pinterest

..a nice cozy sitting area on one end. 
 To relax of course and for when curators come to
view my work to possibly get put up in a gallery. ;)
Source: via Brenda on Pinterest

An artist can dream. Who am I kidding... an artist always dreams. :)
 What would your dream studio space be?

stay creative.

All images from pinterest.  Forgive me, I'm still trying to figure out that site.  

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SymbioticLife said...

Lots and lots of light, hopefully organized (lol, yeah right. as if.) with a view of the ocean through one side of the house and a view of an old growth forest out the other. Hey! We're supposed to be dreaming right?!