Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jewelry Update!

 It's been awhile since I posted the new jewelry pieces that I have on here.  When I list a piece on etsy, I usually tweet it but if you're not following me on there, you can see them here!  Or if you have seen them, I'll go into them more in depth.

Here are a few...

i Heart Asymmetrical.
This bracelet I was looking to add more asymmetrical
elements to it... and a heart accent. 
The Pearly Pretty Bracelet.
This is one of my favorites.  I wanted a girly, neutral
color and then I thought adding a 'boho' style bead might
add a bit of a different style.
Antique Fantasy Garden.
This is the first piece that I decided to
give a name.  I feel giving some pieces a
name helps with a story effect.  When I
think of this, I think of a garden ...but the
kind in a fantasy fairy tale.
Vintage Flair.
I like vintage looks and I wanted
to create a necklace that was long.
Pretty much it.
A Slight Chance of a Rainbow.
This time I knew I wanted a necklace
in my collection that had a few strands.
The beads are a mix of purple/green/yellow.
A bit of a rainbow! :)
All Ribboned Up.
Now this one is a custom bracelet.
A link bracelet where I braid/knot/loop
ribbon colors of your choice.

Seafoam Sparkle.
hehe, I thought that name was hilarious
when I came up with it!  sea foam green...
sparkly pink beads... hehehe. :)
This one is simply a chunky style statement bracelet.
Elegant Blank 'n Gold Statement Necklace.
For awhile I was trying to think of a way to
make a necklace like this one.  These seem
to be popular, as I seem them a lot.
I am so happy with the outcome!
The name is a work in progress, though.

That is it for now!
Do you have a favorite?

Yes, I am totally writing this post while watching Revenge of the Bridesmaids.  Yes, that ABC Family rom com.  I like it.  I was going to wait and post this tomorrow, but why not post it tonight. :)

stay creative.

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