Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Clean Studio is a Happy Studio! -An Artist's Guide to Organization.

I don't have a real art studio yet. As of now, I am using a corner of my room and the basement. I've realized that even if you don't work neat, it helps to atleast be organzied with everything in it's proper place before you start a project and when you finish a project.

Time to organize that mess!

What I find useful is getting storage units. I have a very similar plastic storage drawers like this from Amazon: Stack-On DSLB-27 27 Bin Plastic Drawer Parts Storage Organizer Cabinet, Light Blue -This one is perfect for tools if you are a jewelry maker, like myself.  A little less than twenty bucks, too!! This tower is pretty great: Acrylic Drawer Tower Organizer (Clear) (17 5/8"H x 5 3/8"W x 4 7/8"D)

Having something with wheels would probably help if you enjoy changing things around once in awhile.  Here is one I found: Sterilite 29308001 3-Drawer Wide Cart with See-Through Drawers and Black Casters, White
I've found metal spice racks are great for things other than spices.. I have one that holds nail polish nicely (I have an extensive collection), and as far as art supplies, some paints would probably fit.  Be creative!  I searched for spice rack on amazon, and a very cute one popped up.   Here is one I bought from Amazon earlier this year: Spectrum Wall-Mountable Black Scroll Spice Rack It looks so cute up.

Another idea would be to buy or make cubes (various sizes) and put them together in a creative way that is pleasing to the eye and can hold either your sketchbooks, canvas', pieces that need to dry, etc. The cube idea I found while watching a show in HGTV.  I totally reccommend watching the creative shows (or any show) on that channel and you really do get quite a bit of tips from the show.  One in particular is Design on a Dime.  Love that show!  Tips galore on a budget. 
If anyone has any other ideas for organizational tips, this is the place to post 'em!  Help out a messy worker, like myself. :) 

Thanks for reading!

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