Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Braided Necklace; a DIY knitting project.

Knitting is fun but patience is the key to making something.  It takes time to knit a scarf, hat, sweater, bag, etc.
So I've been trying to come up with fast knitting projects.  This is hard because you want something that you can actually wear, right?
Or use.  

I came up with this idea after seeing this really pretty ruffled ball of yarn at the store.  There's even little sequins in it!

This is one version; I will also show a second version of it.  


You will need...
1 ball of a sequin, ruffled yarn (or one w/ no sequins) 20 yds

(couldn't find a link to the exact embellishments :(
but I bought everything at Joann Fabrics!)

Cast on..

...once.  Yes, just once.  I was originally going to have just 2 or 3 but
since I decided to use really large needles ....this was the best.

Especially if you want that thick braided feel!
However, don't feel you have to go along exactly with these instructions.

Try it with smaller needles!

Now just keep knitting until
you reach about 10 inches...
Be sure to remember how many stitches you did.
Makes it easier for the other side. :)

Then remove the knitting needle 
and take the rest of the yarn ball through that loop
and knot it like below.

Measure out how much
you don't want knit..

...and cast on from that point; I went about another 10inches or so..., actually quite a bit more than 10 inches.

Continue knitting 
about the same amount
as you first started.


I felt the unknitted part needed a little more, so I took a piece of the ruffled yard 
and tied it to the start and finish of that section like above.

Trim the part where you tied them together...
Or let the pieces hang!

Just add embellishments...

Next just attach the decorative brads to the space between 
the knitted part and unknitted parts.
This should clean up the knot you made before if it were a little messy 
...mine was. :-\

All you have to do now is tie the ends together and viola!
Since we made it long, you don't have to worry about undoing it
to put it on and off. 

Here's another version!

Just knit the same way but all the way down (about 10-20 inches on one side?)
 and added another piece of yarn twisted after knitting.

Then add random embellishments where you think
it needs it! :)

This second one is definitely my favorite of the two. 

Try wearing these doubled
as a shorter necklace!

This is definitely that hippie feel of a necklace.

Hope you enjoyed this DIY
and stay subscribed for more! :)


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