Friday, October 26, 2012

FabFriday // Go away, Doubt!


That word could be the word that could stop you from doing what you are truly meant to be and do.

 There's one thing where you come across something that is so far out of your area of expertise... and then there is that something that is so wonderful and the ultimate goal of what you want to reach-- of what you wish you will reach in your career or life in general. 

Then doubt comes into play.  Oh, that doubt...  it is a major pain and can really affect how you work.  

Why, you ask?  Well, I find when I start to doubt myself and think 'oh, that will never happen...' I tend to slow down my work pace a bit.  You are so focused on NOT reaching the ultimate goal, that you aren't working hard anymore!

So what needs to be done is this:  The second you start to feel doubt coming up... sit (or stand ...whichever you prefer) up and face doubt.  Shake it from your head.  Ask yourself 'why?  Why am I focusing on this feeling that makes you feel so sad or upset?' Sometimes it is ok to believe in something that is just a little bit of a stretch. Emphasis on the word little, (which really means huge. ha).

If you have the mindset of nothing being impossible'll scare doubt right out the front door. 

Now have a fabulous friday, everybody! 


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