Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Creative Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas! Inspired by Mr. Kate.

Phew.. Long title.

I'm sure many of you have heard of Mr. Kate from youtube, if not, then I suggest you check her out!  She's great, creative and has a wonderful logo!! : { )

In her recent video, she came up with some great last minute Halloween costume ideas and it has inspired me to do a continuation on this.

Here is her video:

Continuing on from her list, here is mine:

  • A Crayon.  Choose your favorite color (or the color you hate the most ...your decision).  Find that color in leggings or straight-legged pants and a shirt to match.  If you can, get black felt or fabric paint from the store and put on the details of what is on the crayon. Don't forget the name of the color!! :) Add a party hat or make a cone out of a piece of card stock and top it off on your head.  If you can't get to the store for felt or fabric paint ....just go as a crayon whose wrapper fell off!! http://www.badum-tish.com/

  • Professor Quirrell.  Perfect for the Harry Potter fan (like, myself!) Get a towel or a blanket (a blanket might work best) and wrap it around your head.  To add a bit of hilarity to it, place some sunglasses on the back of the turban for Voldie.  For clothes, wear a tie and nice slacks.  Now the robe might be the tricky part.  If you're not MEGA last minute ...check out the fabric at your local craft store or even WalMart. If not, something resembling a long coat/cloak would work.  Or even just a grey sheet would work.  Be creative!!  Then at the party, walk about stuttering a bunch.

  • Yesterday's News. Wear all black and stick yesterdays newspaper all over you.  Wrap it around yourself or in pieces.  Whichever way you like the best! 

  • An Unframed Painting.  Get some old (or cheap) clothes --preferably white or black-- and paint something on it.  Anything.  Even do some splatter paint.  Then just paint your face anyway you want to match.  If you aren't one to paint your face, just put regular make up on all funky. Or just leave your face plain.  That works, too.   If you are feeling it, get some of that spray-in hair color that I've seen in drugstores and voila!  You are a painting.  If you add a beret, you are a french painting.  Oui, oui.  

  • A Ceiling Fan.  I actually found this idea recently here and I thought it was super clever!  The website is called 'Real Simple' and this is exactly that.  Just need any shirt.  Some pom poms; be creative and try to make them out of yarn!  For the shirt, either use stencils and write the words "Go Ceiling!" with fabric paint or fabric markers (regular markers may not work as well).  You can also purchase iron-on letters from a Walmart at a reasonable price.  Don't forget glitter!!! :)  I would suggest to pair it with a skirt or leggings for that cheerleader vibe. :) 

Hope you enjoyed the list and check out Mr. Kate!  That link just directs you to her website.  She's super artsy. :) 
Big fan!


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