Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fancy Wrap Bracelet DIY!

Here's a new DIY wrap bracelet that I came up for you all!


I chose brown and it had 1 yard which was plenty.
• Hole puncher 
•Hot glue gun w/glue sticks
• Thin ribbon that matches your ruffle elastic
(or doesn't, whichever)

The links bring you to the item for some that were easy to find.

Figure out the size...

Wrap the ruffled elastic around your wrist to determine
 how much you want it to wrap.

Then cut your desired length.
I would recommend leaving a couple inches extra 
just incase you make a mistake in the next couple of steps. 


Next, take your glitter strip and 
glue down the strip right in between the ruffles.

Hole punching...

This is the part that proved to be difficult...
So if you know an easier way, feel free to do that
and share with us! :)

What I did next was take the hole puncher (standard office one)
and punch a hole in each end like above.

It didn't punch all the way through, so I had to take scissors
to cut/trim the rest out. This was when the extra piece came in handy...
When I made a mistake, I just cut that part off and tried again. 
Luckily this is on the end. :)

Just go carefully and remove the hole puncher carefully.

Adding an Embellishment

Now to only one side, add the brad embellishment to one of the holes.  Be sure to 
clasp it loosely so that it can spin just a bit.  This will be what your ribbon wraps around
and you want it to wrap fairly easily.

The Ribbon

Next just tie a ribbon to the other size, like in the picture above.
As always, leave a little extra so you can decide how long you want the
ribbon to hang. 

Mine did not end up hanging that long. :)

And there you go!

I just love the look of this bracelet and I hope you do, too!
Have fun an good luck!

If you end up doing this DIY, please share pictures on twitter @IamArtsyFartsy!


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