Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hibiscus Flower!

Hello, hi, how're you doing!? :)
I know, it's been some time since I've posted here.

I've been working hard on trying to expand and get some design work out there.

I really like the hibiscus flower! I think because when you look at it, you think summer and warmer weather. 
I know flowers have meanings and I was really curious as to what the meaning of this flower is...

•Delicate Beauty
•Old Royalty "to bring power and respect, sign of hospitality"
•Known as 'flower of the hour' & 'seize the opportunity'

Naturally, this would be right up my alley.
So I drew it digitally and put something together. 
I think it's perfect for this time of the year because it's that graduation time
and the weather is getting warmer... (depending where you are?)!!

As always, this power is available to purchase in the shop digitally and not so digitally.
It really support me as an artist when one shares or buys a poster.
And I thank you for that! :)


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