Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mixing Colors with Nail Polish!

Earlier this week, I sat down to paint my finger nails and as I was choosing the colors that I wanted, I wondered something...
...what if I mixed a couple of colors to create a swirled look.

I didn't end up doing a swirl but I did come up with a really pretty orange metallic color. 

The picture above are the nail polishs that I used.  The one in the middle is the mixed color; I painted
the color right on the bottle but it's picking up most of the pink that was originally in the bottle;
I didn't clean it all out.  Silly me. 

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The color on the left is JulieG's 'Oh Em Gee' which is my favorite at the moment.
In person it's such a BRIGHT PINK! I LOVE it! :]

The other color is Pure Ice's 'Excuse Me', a shimmery bright yellow.
This one really helps give the color I made a metallic feel. 

How I Mixed...

I started out with a bit of each color on a paper plate and I dropped a little water beside each other.
Like, I took a straw, put it in a water cup and dabbed it a couple of times onto the plate so that it created 
a little water bubble. :)

Then I mixed, using a brush from an EMPTY nail polish bottle.  (I cleaned it using nail polish remover.)

Now keep in mind that didn't mix the color the color thoroughly;
I still wanted to try a swirl effect but liked the outcome a bit better. 

The Nails...

This picture is of my right hand and I WISH it picked up the color true to form.
Since I didn't mix the color perfectly on the plate, some nails came out lighter
than others and I loved it. You can kind of get a hint of two-tones on the thumb nail.

On my left hand, I actually did a few coats, so it came out like a dark orange color.
I put the extra coats mainly because I was fixing mistakes. :)

I'm definitely going to try this whole mixing colors thing again
and I hope you give it a try, too! 

Have fun and good luck. (: (:


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