Friday, June 1, 2012

Top Ten Songs That Inspire... #10!

Finally! The last song in my list is...

...but first, I just want to say that this list was never in any sort of order.  This was quite a hard list to come by, as well, as there are many songs that I find inspiring.

But anyway,  the song is...

"Sticks & Stones" -Jason Reeves

If this song doesn't get you motivated, I'm not sure what will.

This list took a little longer than expected and I was planning on putting something art related for each song, but that was even taking longer.  So, I figured you would just appreciate the songs.

Since there are so many other songs that are inspire-worthy... I'm planning on continuing this, but having a specific day a week that is 'inspire' day (even though every day should be!)  Not sure what day this will be yet, but keep a look out! :)  Any ideas, let me know either with a comment here, tweet (@cindydesigns) or email (!

The rest of my list...

Song Number 1

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