Thursday, May 17, 2012

Top Ten Songs That Inspire: #6

I.. love... Norah Jones'... voice.
That is all.
Well, not all.  I still have the rest of this post to type up.

The next song in My Top Ten Songs That Inspire is...

"Don't Know Why" -Norah Jones

Beautiful song.  Gorgeous vocals. I just love it.
It doesn't hurt that this song was in "Princess Diaries 2" but I would love this song even if it weren't for that movie.

I was at a toss up between this song and another favorite of mine by Norah Jones.  Maybe that other one will wind up in the list later on. :)  We shall see.

Song Number 1
Song Number 2
Song Number 3
Song Number 4
Song Number 5

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SymbioticLife said...

So I must admit I'm a HUGE Norah Jones fan. You're so right - her tone is fantastic and her songs are great.