Friday, May 25, 2012

Top Ten Songs That Inspire #8

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"Never Grow Up" -Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has a knack for writing songs that anyone can relate to.  It's most definitely her gift.

I love this song.  From what I see, kids now-a-days seem to be in a rush to grow up.  Taylor Swift has, I think, perfectly illustrated the fact that they should enjoy their childhood.

Being an adult in this time is hard.  Job hunting ....bills ...finding your soul mate.  It is enough to make your head spin.  Some times rejection is hard and you just want to go back to a time when it was easy.  There are also the things that you couldn't do as a child.  More opportunities available.  Just take one step at a time. Enjoy life. 

Just remember ..."Sometimes life is a test. To see what you're made of.. But remember that you're never presented with more than you can handle. You can do it."

Oh, I went all optimistic on you.  That's right.  

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