Monday, August 26, 2013

Nail design ideas!

I could give a bunch of explanations for why I haven't blogged here much or I can get right into this post.  So I'll just get right into it!

I haven't had too much time to work on any crafty projects but I do make time to work on some type of nail design...  Here is a compilation of the last few nail designs..

metallic colors mixed! You could just do a plain french tip but why not change it up a bit!
Mixing metallics might seem different at first but I love the effect it gives!

Kept it simple with a coral color (pictures comes out more hot pink..) with a sparkles top coat!

Stripes!  I just recently got a new nail art tool so my lines will hopefully get straighter(:
On my thumbs, I went with a thicker stripe. It just changes up the color layout a bit. 

Got to love polka dots!  I was going for the dots to look like buttons.
Why on the side of my nail? I think I had a pair of paints in mind like
the nautical style with four buttons in the front.
Except I went with pink nails... :) 

When I can I've been working on trying to finish a new painting that I've had an idea for... I think it could really turn well and maaaaybe I could try and get it shown in a gallery.  That is so foreign to me but I am looking into how an artist does this.  Any tips, feel free to share! 

Hope everyone has a great week and I will try not to leave such a gap in between posts again! I don't want to just leave this blog.  Especially since the summer is beginning to come to a close (what?! :-O) I am starting to get excited about the thought of fall craft projects! :D (even though August FLEW BY!)

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