Monday, July 8, 2013


Hello!  How are you guys?  Good?  (:

I've been wanting to do a project like this for awhile!  So after realizing that I have more jeans than shorts, I figured I better make one pair of jeans into shorts and make it more girly!

First thing to do is to cut the jeans to your desired length...  Be aware of how short it will be.  As you cut, compare to the length of another pair of shorts, leaving atleast an inch for the hem.  If you notice the edge, it's kind of ugly.  Don't worry!  We'll fix it.

If you want a large cuff at the bottom of your shorts, be sure to leave a good amount extra.


You will need those jeans that you cut into shorts, Liquid Stitch (sold at the craft store), scissors 
and a lace ribbon (2 yards).

Fixing the Hem

Before applying the Liquid Stitch, fold a small portion to create the cuff.  
Probably half an inch to an inch depending on how big you want the cuff to be.

After it's all folded, take the Liquid Stitch and put a line where you want it 
to be 'stitched', in this case, to keep the hem closed, inside of the cuff, all the way around.

This is actually the first time using Liquid Stitch for myself and so far
I am very pleased with it.  

Laying down the LACE!

I got this ribbon lace stuff from Joann Fabrics.  I asked for 2 yards just to
make sure I'd have enough.  I ended up 
having a little left over. 

Starting at the in-seem, lay down the lace ribbon and 
put the Liquid Stitch down in the middle of the 
cuff as you go.  

Continue going around the leg until it meets where you started(see picture below);
Just don't overlap; trim right as it meets and (liquid) stitch it down.
Folding down the edge would keep it neat and less likely to fray.

Repeat on the other leg.

The Pocket...

This next step is optional; I had some ribbon left over, 
so I added some to the top of each pocket.

When first applying the lace ribbon, fold it down the edges to keep it neat 
so it won't fray as easily.  Use the Liquid Stitch the same as you have been; 
right in the middle as you lay down the lace.

Repeat to the other side.

...and there you go!
Lace jean shorts. 

Have fun and add 
something else to it!
Maybe some cute embellishments?


How would you create your DIY shorts?

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Pattie M said...

Love it!! very cute! & a great way to recycle.