Saturday, July 6, 2013

Artist Update: Poster Design Freelance

from my instagram @cindydesigns


I don't really even remember when my last 'freelance friday' post was but as you can probably tell 
(if anyone is that much of a dedicated reader of my blog) I stopped that series. 

Why? Well, I've never been very comfortable with emailing/calling/mailing companies to promote myself. 
That's pretty much what the original plan was; to atleast mail out postcards.  I sent out a couple but 
I just wasn't feeling it.  

After a few months (maybe less?) I decided what I wanted to do.  
So I printed up my business cards (see picture above)
and opened my etsy shop back up.  This time no handmade jewelry

My etsy shop is a graphic design/poster shop.  
That is how I will be selling my posters and custom posters. 

One reason why I knew this was the way to go was...
I'm actually getting sales... And it's only been a few months. 
I was selling jewelry on there for a lot longer and it didn't really go anywhere. 

So my advice would be to not give up.  I still have ways to go but
I feel like I am now on the right foot.  I do feel like this is the right path.

I have to so you can place an order via my website or
directly from my etsy shop via etsy convo.
My website is pretty much the same, just changed a few bits here and there. 

It really supports me as an artist and designer for every share and/or purchase.
I appreciate all of it. 

Thank you. (: 


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