Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fourth of the July Nail Design: French Manicure Style

Happy Fourth of July!  

For this upcoming Holiday, I decided to go with a simple, french manicure style nail design.
Mostly because I couldn't think of something ...different.  I didn't want something too different, you know?
If the nail design is too different, it may miss the point of the design ..which is the Holiday.

Atleast that's what I tell myself, anyway. :) hehe.

I started with a simple red polish for the base (Cherry On Top- JulieG), 
and for the tip I painted a thicker white line (White On- Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear)
and ended with a thinner line of the blue (Midnight Blue- Sinful Colors).
Of course, waiting for each color to dry somewhat. 

For the accent nail, I used the same blue and added little jewels for the 'stars'.  
I always have somewhat of a problem with these always falling off right away, so I really
packed on the clear top coat ....hopefully it'll work!

Hope you all have a great day!
Soon I'll probably have an artist/freelance update post so check back for that. :)


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