Tuesday, July 2, 2013

a GLITTERed container!

Today I bring you a GLITTER project!

Don't like glitter? :( I'm sorry but this is a fun project, I thought.  I've been seeing something like this around the web lately and it's about time that I give it a try.

All you will need is...


Any size of glitter should work.  The glitter I used wasn't really small.  
Be creative with the color!  I ended up using all that I had. Gold, red, blue/green mixture.

The Mod-Podge is a sealer glue, so when it dries it will dry clear. 

The empty container that I used is actually an empty acrylic paint container 
that I just cleaned out.

I forgot to take a picture of a plastic cup... Sorry.  :(


Just use your discretion of how much glitter to mix in.  I would recommend putting
a lot because it covers better.  I ended up using three of those small jars in the first picture.
I also had quite a bit of the mixture left. 

I added a little water to the mod-podge to change the consistency because
I thought it would be easier to paint on.  This is optional. 


Just paint on your mixture of glitter and mod-podge!  This took me about a full afternoon.  
When I saw some parts starting to dry, I went back in to touch up and add a little more.  

 Final Touches!!

After it dries, it's time to add the final touches!!

Of course I just had to add a bow! 
Be creative with yours!  Add some beads, more bows, more glitter (?!) ...Have fun! :)


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