Monday, January 6, 2014

Marble Sparkle Nail Art!

Lately I have been at a loss with what kind of nail art to do.  If you look through my nail art designs on here, I've come up with some pretty different ones but also some pretty simple ones.  Soon I realized sometimes it's nice to do a nothing too special on all but one nail.

You've seen when people just have one nail a different color/sparkle then the rest, right?  The "accent" nail.
I really like this idea because it gives your nail design something different without getting too overdone.  Sometimes the more nail art you have on your nails, the more messy it looks.  SOMETIMES less is more.  Sometimes...

Here are the polishes that I used...
Revlon "Dreamer"

Rimmel's Base & Top Coat (just used for base)

Cover Girls "Crystal Mist" Sparkle Top Coat
*not shown... Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "White On" 
Oops.  forgot to take the picture. :-O  

Final look.  Perfect for winter?  I miss spring, though...
Click to see bigger picture.

Doesn't look like much, I know, but making the marble/swirl effect on that one nail was actually really fun!
Here is what I used to create it...

A small/thin paint brush (any art/craft store) and small size dotting tool (bought from amazon).
Too make that effect on the nail, I pretty much poured a little bit of the sparkle top coat and a little white polish onto a sheet of clean paper and mixed the too together.  Add more if you need more.  It really created a nice pearl-like color on the paper.  I also poured a little of each again unmixed on the paper aside from the mixed swatch.

Next, switching off with each tool, all I did was pretty much dot it on and make lines on the nail (oh, after the blue nail polish dried.  That's pretty important. hehe.) 

I put the white tip on the nail after i got the design finished and just worked it into a swirl while it was still wet.  

You could do this with all your nails or not.  Have fun with it! :)


I haven't had a post up in quite a few months (4-5...oops, sorry, guys!) but I am pretty determined now to keep up with this page... and not just with nail designs; which is just easier to throw together. :-\

Just wanted to let you all know, so keep your eyes peeled for more artsy posts and ideas!! :)



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