Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"Leaving the Ball!" a new painting.

I finally get to show you this painting that I've been working on!
I shared a sneak peak quite some time ago and I've been excited to finish it since that time.

I wish the picture did it more justice but there you go! 

Appropriately called "Leaving the Ball" because I wanted something inspired by (wait for it...) Cinderella but not exactly.  I didn't want the missing shoe and I didn't want her leaving in a rush.  She's leaving in a daze; a happy daze, of course. Well, at least in my mind. That's why her right hand is out like that; not really caring.  (:

 What do you think?  

I wanted 'fairy lights' in the bushes and a rose vine all over the edge of the cement wall.  I think that's what I mainly wanted from the start when I did a quick sketch. 

Have a great week!
Half way through it!!!


up close of some spots.

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