Saturday, April 27, 2013

DIY Ribbon Necklaces!

Today it's time to share with you all RIBBON NECKLACES!
This is pretty simple to do.

All you need are...

Spools of ribbon, which I bought at Wal-Mart but you can get at any craft store.
The spools that I bought at 10 yards, which was plenty.

Oh, and tape.

And scissors.

What We Will Be Making

Ribbon necklaces that you can just pull right over your head.  

The less ribbons you use, the thinner the necklace. 
The more ribbons... the thicker.

To make this, choose either any 2 colors of ribbons or more.


It's hard to determine exactly how long your necklace will be.  

I didn't bother cutting the ribbon off the spools before I started 
due to the fact that I didn't know
exactly how long it was going to be. 

So I took each color that I had, brought then together and tied them into a knot
and taping to the table.


Now all you are going to do is make a bunch of knots.
But be sure to plan the pattern you want.  How many knots of each color?
Or just randomly works, too. 

The picture below is the way I worked. 
Take the first color you like 
and cross it over the other ribbons
and just make a knot by pulling even the spool through.

Working like this helps to keep the ribbons
organized in order and less likely to tangle.
Keep checking to see how long it's getting by draping over your neck.

Once it's at the length where you can easily pull it over,
then cut the ribbon and tie both ends together (the start and the finish).

 Good luck and enjoy!


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