Monday, April 22, 2013

25 Random Facts About Me!

I realized this weekend that I don't think I ever did one of these posts.
So without further ado;

25 Random Facts About Me

1.) You won't hear me swear.  Why? Because I'd rather not, thanks.

2.) I'm a bit of a Harry Potter fan.  By bit, I mean HUGE.  When it was first released I thought to myself 'Psssh, I'm never going to read that' ...ha ha.  Fast forward to 2007, I was helping transcribe MuggleCast.

3.) I feel weird when I don't do some type of nail design to my nails ...even if it's just something simple.

4.) When I first entered college I changed my major 3 times.  I was a little indecisive. (Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Web Design & Media Arts, back to Fine Arts 4 times?)

5.) I like to read and shop for books but there's always atleast a couple of books I have yet to finish.

6.) Cats are pretty great.

7.) Whenever I try and think about what my favorite color is I usually first think pink but then also purple, blue, green and orange come to mind.  And sparkle!

8.) I want to go back to Disney World.

9.) I want to visit Disney Land, as well.

10.) Eventually, I'd also love to visit the Disney's in the other countries!  So cool...

11.) I may love Disney but I am not a roller coaster/thrill ride person.  Try to get me to go on one, I don't mind  --but in the end, I'll do what I'm comfortable.  No, I am not missing out.  Maybe you're missing out. ;-)


13.) Macs > Windows.

14.) I love the summer.  I'll take sweating over freezing in the winter any day.

15.) I don't like socks.

16.) I love candles but I use a candle warmer because fire kind of freaks me out.  (summery scents are the best.)

17.)  I have quite the large, awesome family.

18.) I am all Portuguese.  Yes, I do like Chourico.  It's delicious.

19.) In high school, I played flute in band.  I went down to Disney twice with the Marching Band.  AWESOME.

20.) No, I don't play anymore.  Although, I did find the flute once with a Disney songbook and started to play some tunes from it.

21.) I love pocketbooks.  EIther really small (like a wristlet) or really big (like Mary Poppins).

22.) I kind of wish there was this button in my car that was the 'fly' button and it let you fly in the sky rather than drive.

23.) I am a supporter of Art Education in schools.  There is no reason for cutting the program.  I have written about it plenty in this blog!

24.) I like chocolate; especially dark chocolate. And Reeses. And M&Ms.

25.) I want to be able to support myself designing posters and painting.  People have done it for a job why can't I?

And that is all! :)
For now.

Feel free to do the same and show me! I'd love to get to know you better. :)


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