Thursday, December 27, 2012

Interior Design: Pillows.

This is new; I don't usually dabble too much with interior design but I thought this would be fun to see what kind of decor you can get by being creative with just one (or two) item(s).

Whether it be playing around with textures, color or pattern... a pillow can be that one item in a room that can make a huge difference.
It could possibly even be your focal point.

Here are some ideas of what I mean:

Source: via Cindy Moniz on Pinterest

Most of these pillows --if not all-- includes a color from another piece inside the room to make it pop.  If you didn't have the pillows in each of these pictures, the room would have looked quite a bit different.

Well, that's my tip on decor using pillows.  Yeah, I know.  Not my strongest suit but I enjoy using what I know about art and putting it into the space around you; like, home decor.

Be creative!


If you want to see more items that I pinned on pinterest, go to:

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