Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday Inspiration: Get ready for the New Year!

Already!  I cannot believe that I am typing up a new years post already!
This is crazy. Anywho, the common way of getting ready for the new year is...

Making that list.

"What list?" You might be asking.
The list of the goals you want to reach in the new year.  Resolutions, many call it.

The thing that I love about the new year is a FRESH START to keep those goals fresh in your mind ready to take it on.
I don't think their is any goal that isn't reachable.  Just try!

Here, I'll list a few of my goals/resolutions for the New Year:

  • Draw in my sketch book more.
    • I have a sketch book.. I spent the money for one... I should use it. 
  • Find a way to actually FINISH a painting.
  • Finish my personal portfolio site for poster design and figure out a way to grow that.   
  • Eat healthier; 
    • I've kind of started but candy and chocolate always find its way to me.  
  • How about that pilates class?

Your turn!  Make that list.  


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