Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dream Studio Space // Furniture

What's this?!  A post the week before Christmas that is not Christmas-themed?
Yes, you are correct.  Changing it up, slightly.   I haven't talked about any Dream Studio Space ideas in ages and I thought it would be a great time to get back into it.  I got an idea for it, anyway.

Now this post might be geared toward the artists who may read this page. If you aren't an artist, feel free to pass it along to an artist you may know or get some inspiration for a new idea you may have for decor, in general.


In my mind, an art studio should be functional but also kind of home-like.  I would want to be comfortable in my studio.

Here are a couple of ideas that I have found.

I love this chair. It looks comfortable and very modern-esque. 
 The neutral tone of the chair could go with plenty. 
 I'm not too sure about the table beside it; it's definitely different.
 I do like the grey and gold mixing, though!

This next one is a little different than that last chair. 
 Colorful.. Vibrant..
 It's definitely a fit if you want a fun, bright studio space that will keep your mood lifted. 
Great if COLOR inspires you!

I love this frame, even if you don't put anything on the inside. 
 I mean, you definitely could. 
 Especially if it's something you want to display proudly to anyone who visits your studio. 
 Or even maybe find a cork board to put behind it (cut to fit) and use it as a storage hanging piece.

A simple, white bookshelf. Books are a great way of finding inspiration. 
 This one I would have ...or -erm- will get a similar one if I ever get my own studio. :)

A sign like this (even if it's inside and not hanging outside) would be a huge inspiration, I believe.
 I mean, seeing your name on a sign? Pretty awesome.

There are just a few ideas that I have found to start you off.  I did collect quite a bit over on my pinterest account, so check the link below if you'd like to see more!
I would have put them all in this post but I wanted to give you a taste of the kind of ideas are out there.  If you're interested in more, check some more out.  If not, that's ok! :)

Good luck and stay creative.


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