Thursday, November 15, 2012

So you want to be an Art major?

Being an Art major can be so fun!  Learning new techniques, making Art in class ...but like most college majors, it can also be stressful.  The most important thing that I can think of for Art majors is to think about what you can do with it when you graduate.

We all want to be a famous Artist; to be known for what we create.  If that is the dream then we should NEVER forget it.  Always have your dream in your mind;  in your view some how.

Here is a list of possible careers/majors that you can incorporate Art into to help you feel less... stressed.

  • Art Therapy.  If you want to help people create Art and get better some how, Art Therapy is for you.  It's exactly what it is; using Art to help people.  Majoring in Psychology with Art can help.  Look into if your school offers double majors.
  • Graphic Design. Most college have this as a concentration within the Art major.  It is getting pretty big, especially in the big cities. Build your portfolio while you're in college. 
  • Curators. I wasn't going to put this one but I am so interested and fascinated in this career; well, atleast in the past several months. The research I have done with this career has shown that having a masters degree is a plus and having a broad knowledge of Art History.  
  • Web Design.  I think this career is even bigger than Graphic Design.  Just looking on the job boards, web design is everywhere.  I'd definitely look into this one.  Companies are wanting to expand to the internet to get a wider range of customers. 
  • Textile Design. If you're interested in fashion design, I'd consider Textile design.  
  • Art TeacherWhat better way than to mold the young minds into loving Art? 
  • Interior Design. I've considered it.  I think it's a pretty good field to get into. 

This is a list primarily for Fine Art majors to think about that I have done research on and know a bit about.  If you'd like a little more in depth about each one, just let me know.  I'd love to do that in a future post!

There are other career options out there for Artists but these seem to be the top ones.  The main thing though?  If you really want to have one of these careers or any career in the Arts not be afraid to relocate to a larger city.  There are so many more jobs available in bigger cities.  Relocation and internships... Keep that in mind and good luck!!

stay creative. 

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