Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DIY [do it yourself] Holiday Table Decor! Part 2.

Why, hello there!  

As promised, here is another way to make a table decor item for the Holidays!
 This one is suitable for anytime after Thanksgiving and throughout winter.

Step 1: The Materials

For today's project you will need the following:
Mod Podge. I used gloss.
Two Beaded strands. This is debatable.  I used two different colors (red and silver) but you can use one, two or even three. 
Star Sequins. The stars give it a bit more of a whimsical feel. 
White Glitter Glue. Any brand will do. Of a 4 fl oz bottle, I I used only a little less than half. 
2 Foam Brushes. This will be used twith the Mod Podge and Glitter Glue.
A Jar. I used the same one as yesterdays. A spaghetti sauce jar.  Just clean it well and take the label off while you wash it.  It is easiest that way. Also, Goo Gone. 
Scissors. (not shown) I don't think I listed this in the materials yesterday but it's just to cut the beads. 
Glue Gun w/ Glue Sticks. (not shown) Won't use as much as yesterdays post but still a bit. 

Step 2: Paint the Glitter Glue

Easy peasy.  Use your foam brush and your glitter glue and paint the entire jar except for the bottom.  When you paint it, I found it easier to hold the jar out in from of you, with part of your hand in the jar; maybe four fingers. 

I ended up doing two coats because I wanted to go for more of a frosted tint.  If you wanted to go back to do another coat, I would recommend waiting for the glitter glue to dry on the first coat.  I found it took a while to dry; maybe a few hours (or maybe it just felt like that!). 

Step 3: Sprinkle the Stars!

In this step, Just hold out the jar the same way you painted it while the glitter glue is still wet and sprinkle your sequin stars wherever you deem appropriate.  Put as much or as little as you want!

Step 4: Seal with Mod Podge

After you sprinkle as many stars as you wish, using another foam brush, use Mod Podge to seal.  This will also help the stars to stay in place.  This glue does dry clear, so don't worry when you see it brushing on white. Just try not to 'glomp' too much around the stars.  Yes, I said glomp.  I am making up words. 

Step 5: Add the beaded strand(s)


 After your Mod Podge layer has dried (this shouldn't take as long as the glitter glue but leave it alone as long as possible), lay the jar on its side and begin to drape the beaded strand around the top where the lid would twist on. This is where you bring in the glue gun (and glue sticks!) and glue the beads as you wrap it around, cutting the strand after the last bead fits next to the first that you laid down.

I wasn't planning on it but as a last minute choice, I added a red beaded strand above the silver.

Here is the final look with a tea light candle inside.
 Feel free to not use it as a candle holder and as a vase instead!  
Be creative and send a picture to me on twitter or on my facebook page if you decide to make this. 
I'd love to see them! (:

The Thanksgiving style:

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Stay Creative.

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