Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DIY Holiday Table Decor! Part 1.

With Thanksgiving next week already (WHOA) I figure it's time to get a DIY for table decor up for you all.  It can be used as a candle or a vase.  This first part will be suited more for Thanksgiving.

Step 1: The Materials.

Here is everything you will need for today. 
A jar.  Any jar will do.  I used empty spaghetti sauce jars.  Just wash and take the label off.  Goo gone is your friend.

Some sheer fabric.  A brown, tan or champagne color would look nice.  

I bought this tube at Jo Ann Fabrics in a sale bin (SCORE). 

You won't need too much, so if you see a roll of it, buy that. 

A roll of fringe.  Or something similar.  This will be the 'skirt' for the top of the jar. 

Beaded pearl strand. I chose silver but feel free to change that up. 

A glue gun and glue sticks. Can't use the glue gun w/o the sticks.  

Step 2: The Glue and Roll.

Place the jar on it's side. 
 If you need to cut the fabric, try and make sure that the fabric starts at the top where it starts to curve; the bottom can be a little longer than the top of the bottom curve.. 

After letting the glue gun warm up a bit, make a glue stripe down the jar stopping just before the curve. 
Working quickly and carefully, put the edge of the fabric on the glued part as shown in the above picture.  
I did put a little more glue than necessary so you can see it better in pictures, so feel free to put less.  
Just make sure the fabric will stay.

After gluing this first piece, roll the fabric around the jar, making sure there aren't any folds.   

To the left is how it'll look after you roll it.
 Just cut the extra fabric off right at the glue seam.  
Yes, you will see the glue through it.  We'll hide that later.  Do not fret, deary.

Step 3: The Fold and Glue.

Now the fabric at the top of the jar: fold down and glue as shown in the picture above.  
This part is pretty easy and don't worry about making it too neat.  This will be covered in the next step. 

Step 4: Placing of the Frill. 

Glue right at the part of the jar that starts to get bigger,as shown above.

Be sure to start this right at your glue seam that you made in step 2.
Glue the last piece exactly where you started: DO NOT go around twice. 

HOLD THOSE SCISSORS.  Don't cut yet. 

Step 5: The Tail and Beaded rim. 

Do not cut the frill until you've measured how long you want this 'tail' to be.  
Just touching the table?  Just above? 
Since mind was on a roll, it had a nice swirl to it.  
If you want this swirl, just twirl it around a pen.

For the beaded rim:
Starting at top of the tail and going around, use your bead strand and 
glue as you go right at the top of your frill. 

You can glue just before you place the beads 
but I found it easier doing it as you are laying it down. 

Step 6:  Beaded bottom.

I actually did this step as an after thought because I wanted something to balance out
the bottom.  I also felt it finished it off at the end. 
If the fabric is a bit longer than shown in the picture, trim it.  
Then Glue on the beads and there you go!

This last picture is the jar with a tea light candle inside.
I had a feeling the sheer fabric would look nice illuminated by the candle.
This is why I would recommend a brown/tan/champagne color fabric. 

During the day time, feel free to add some flowers or other decorative items inside!

There you go! A nice candle for your Thanksgiving table.  :)  
Or just a nice decor piece. 

Tomorrow I will have the second part of this; a more winter style version...  Be sure to subscribe up in the right hand corner of this site to get the post in your email in the morning! It's free. 


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