Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DIY [do-it-yourself] Christmas Hair Accessory!

Hello everyone and Happy Wednesday!  We made it to mid week-- horray! 
Today I am sharing with you all a DIY Christmas hair bow-- super easy!!

Here is what you will need...


-Ribbon; I chose gold because I felt it was perfect for this time of year.  You can either choose a thin ribbon or one that's a little wider.  I have two versions that I will show you comparing each.  

-Fabric Squares; I got these at Walmart but I am pretty positive you can purchase these at fabric/craft stores.  It sells a small amount of fabric for a pretty good price.  On the label it was called 'Fat Quarter'.  I chose red for the Holiday but black and gold would probably look really nice, too!


-Glue gun w/glue sticks

...and now onto how to make it!

Take your red fabric and lay if out.  I cut about half off and then folded it horizontally like in the picture above.
If you think it's still too much fabric, feel free to cut more.  It's all about your artistic ways and putting a bit of YOU in it.

Keep folding it horizontally until it is about the size like shown in the picture above and 

trim the sides to get it the length you want.
 Afterwards, pinch the middle.
Take your (warmed) glue gun and put a bit of glue where you are pinching.  Be careful; glue is hot. :)
Also glue the same spot but in the back.  

After you glued, take a small piece of your ribbon and wrap it around the middle, gluing it on the back.
Then take a look at your bow.  If you feel it should be smaller, trim the sides. 

Should look something like this. ^ 
Again feel free to change it up.

Before you glue the bow on...

....take more ribbon and measure your head with it.
 Tie a bow around back to test out the size
and trim the access ribbon.

After this, find the spot you wish to place your bow (I chose the side) and untie the ribbon from your head
making sure to hold onto that spot the ribbon will go.
Lay the ribbon on the table but feel free to mark the spot with a marker or pen so that you can move your finger
Take your glue gun and put a small amount of glue on that spot and place your bow.

That's pretty much it.
Easy, right? 

Above are some pictures with the bow ribbon tied on my head; using the thinner ribbon...

...and below are pictures using the wider ribbon.  
This ribbon had a little more glitter to it, so I was left with some gold on my shoulders.  Just an FYI. :)

Hope you enjoyed and if you make one of these please tweet it my way, post it on facebook or email me! :)


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