Tuesday, November 27, 2012

.take me to another world. // The world is Art.

Source: topit.me via Linda on Pinterest

Art is everywhere and when I found this picture, it just reiterated what I mean.  The next time you are stuck in traffic, instead of getting annoyed that no one is moving (ugh, I hate when that happens) take a look around at the scenery; the skyline; everything.  Glance out the window next time you notice it's that time that the sun is setting or rising.

Art really is all around us and it's so great to embrace it!  I can't speak for everyone else, but I know life can get in the way of noticing things like this.  It's good, though, to take a bit of a breather and look around.


In the picture above, I love how the reflection in the glass is upside down.  It's showing the world on a whole different perspective without standing on our heads because I don't like doing that.  No handstands for me.  Though I just finished watching Dancing with the Stars and Shawn Johnston doesn't seem to have a problem with the upside down thing. :) I love that show.


Do you have any pictures that shoes the art of the world like the one above?
Please share!  :)

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