Friday, January 27, 2012

Working with Wire + Two Yarn Scarf

Working with wire can be tricky.  Especially finding the right wire to go with in the store.  I mean, so many kinds!  I ended up getting  package that carried three different sizes.  When you're getting started in something, that's the best way to go.  I mean, sometimes these companies give you so many choices it can make your head spin!  Yikes. Especially since I'm indecisive. 
I tend to take along time in the bead aisle..  pretty colors... (:

Anyway, back to wire jewelry...
I also saw a Step By Step Wire Jewelry Magazine which I picked up which has helpful tips and tricks on different ways to make wire jewlery.  Next time you see it at Michaels Arts and Crafts (or anywhere, really), I suggest it. 

The tools that were my best friends while trying to make the swirls are the Nose Pliers, Flush Cutter, and the round nose pliers. 

The only thing I may change is the chain.  I feel like it's too big, though it doesn't looks bad on (top right picture.) 

Double the Yarn Scarf!

This scarf is 25 inches long - knit stitch 15 rows scross -
 the eyelash yarn and a thick wool yarn.

You can't exactly tell from the image above, but in the scarf above I use two type of yarn to knit together.  The 'eyelash' style yarn and a thick wool yarn (the same as the fringe).  Why did I decide to do this and what would the purpose be?

I noticed as I was making a bunch of these for Christmas gifts that the scarves came out thicker and more cozier.  So, now I'm making all the winter scarves like this.  Normally I braid or twist the fringe of my scarves together in some way, but in this case, I was running out of the thick yarn and I am quite happy with the outcome.

What are ways that YOU knit scarves?  I've been playing around with different stitches and how each comes out.  I'm kind of digging the purl stitch.  With this scarf, I just used the regular knit stitch.  Can't really notice it much with the eyelash style of yarn.
No need to do anything fancy. 

If you have any tips on knitting and making wire jewelry leve your thoughts down below in the comments section, or tweet me @cindydesigns over on twitter. :)

Be creative and good luck!


With all of these jewelry pieces I've made, what am I doing with it? Some people have suggested selling some at local stores that offer this. How does one even think about doing this? I've thought about online to accomodate more people around. Then I think... who would even buy it?


SymbioticLife said...

I love the scarves! I really want to knit. One of my daughters learned off of a friend but never got very far with it and doesn't remember enough to teach it to me. :( I have all kinds of knitting needles and yarn that have been given to me. Someday I hope to get some where with it like you. Jewelry wise, if you're thinking of selling it I'd recommend Etsy. Listings are relatively inexpensive and it's a good foot in the door. Good luck!

The PvdH Journal said...

I would perhaps change the chain as well but otherwise I like how the wires work with one another