Friday, August 12, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

Lately, I've been on a jewelry making spree. I realize that my last post was related to this, but I may have found something that will stay, not just a fad, for myself.  The thing with making jewelry, like most things in life, when you begin a new project you may become frusterated that the piece isn't coming out exactly how you pictured it.  Don't let this stop you from completing the project. 

The more necklaces and bracelets I make, the faster and better at it, I become.  I know, this sounds like something you all have heard before.  The thing is, we've heard this before, but when we are frusterated while working on a project (atleast me, anyway), I forget that sometimes.  I'm so keen at trying to get it to look perfectly the way it is in my head, and sometimes that doesn't happen. 

Make the jump to see pretty pictures..


I'm proud of what I have created so far in jewelry.  The first picture to the left (1a) is a close-up of the beads I used on my first necklace using a chain.  It's a 'pull over the head' necklace that I feel jazzes up any plain outfit.  Looks best with a black shirt. :)

The two loops above the beads as in the second picture to the left (1b), just below are, in fact, key rings.  I bought them seperately, but I definitely could have taken key rings off of keys, except those key
rings are holding ...keys. Go figure, huh? (:

I was trying to figure out what style necklace (1a and b) this would be.  I was thinking 'boho chic', but I have a feeling I am way off.  Please help me out, style experts. :) Give your opinion down below. 

The picture to the right (2a) is a very similar one, except the beads are different and this one has a clasp.  I finally was able to figure out how to attach the clasp to the chain and I'm so thankful!

The necklace in photos 1a and b are a bit longer, as the one in 2a falls right to the chest. 

The Knotted Ribbon Necklace

Now onto the ribbon necklace which is actually one of my favorite styles that I have made.  I've made a few different ones so far.  The way I came to make it was I wanted to create a necklace that was made entirely out of ribbon.  I began to try varies ways of knots until I found the one I liked best.  In both pictures to the left (blueribbon1&2), you can see the detail of it and see that it is really just different knots tied together. The bow is optional, but on some,
I feel it looks really cute, though it can be removed easily. 


The necklace to the right (blueribbon3) is the full view.  At approx. 17inches, this necklace is casual and just so different.  If needed, I could probably make a smaller one, though so far I've only made long ones. 

I'll most definitely keep up with this jewelry making thing.  When something is beginning to frusterate you, don't give up.  Keep working at it and soon you'll be proud of what you did. 


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