Friday, July 29, 2011

Makin' Jewelry?

Wow, two posts in a row today!  I'm on fire.  Forgive me, though.  I'm posting from a windows computer until I get my mac up and running.  (Yeah, I'll always be a mac person.)

I thought I'd try my hand at jewelry making.  It's always interested me in some form, or another.
  I'm not the best at this, there are so many creative jewelry designers around.. especially on!  Check 'em out, some are crazy good.

First piece of jewelry I'll start off with is a necklace that went along with the painting I just posted here.

Of the three jewelry I am posting today, this one is my favorite. 

The clasp at the top is just a silver toggle clasp and the pendant and stones I just bought at Wal-Mart.  Please forgive me, I forgot how long the necklace is, but I do know the pendant rests in the middle of my chest, when I tried it on. 


  Asymmetrical bracelets are just great, huh?  Well, I think so.  I thought about plaing the two big beads equal to one another, but I waned to change it up.  And this was my first bracelet, anyway.. :)

This bracelet is hooked with a gold hoop and the 'lobster claw' clasp.

The bracelet is about 7 inches, maybe just ever so slightly larger.

I apologize if this picture is a tad dark. 
Like the neckace, this bracelet has a 'toggle' clasp.

This bracelet is about the same size as the first bracelet above.
The picture may not show it perfectly, but all the that larger charm to the left is silver.

 I'm probably going to keep making my own jewelry to improve myself on it.  Hopefully, I'll get better.  I'm not about to start selling any.  If I have any that I like as much as the necklace, I will most likely just give them away as gifts.

Are you a jewelry maker?  If you are, I'd love to see your work!! (you don't even have tomake jewelry.. anything!)  Just leave a comment, or tweet me on twitter @cindydesigns.

Have a wonderful weekend!! ( :

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