Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Without the Arts...

Ever wonder what the world would be like without the arts? No, I don't mean just the subjects in school.  Scary place. No arts = no entertainment, pretty much. Advertisments would be different.. What about Broadway? Movies? Music to buy? ..ipods?!

All of these we (usually) take for granted. Things that happen in every day life, but if we didn't have the Arts (art, music, drama...) how would we end up living? What would be that fad that gets everyone hooked? Who knows what I would end up trying to get a job in. I can't think of anything that I would be doing. Being creative is a way of life for many people, not just myself.

All over, you hear of towns/cities needing to cut the arts in schools due to low budget. I know, the economy isn't great right now, but cutting this program won't do anything in the long run. Some kids need the arts in school. Some kids, who are on the quiet side, need a way to express themselves than other kids. I know, I know.. You're probably thinking "Well, Cindy... how about the parents of those kids introduce the Arts at home?" That would be great! However, when you are in an art class (or music class, drama, etc.) you get feedback from your teacher and fellow students that helps you grow.  And to be honest, some parents may not be able to get to introduce the arts to their child as well as teachers can. 

This is probably the riskiest profession to actually get into. Especially in this economy. So much competition, but if it's something you enjoy doing, don't give up.

So, in ending this blog, all I ask of you is.. if you hear of the Arts program in a town getting cut speak up. Write a letter. Whatever you feel comfortable doing.  You can even let congress know how much you support the Arts and Arts Education here on ArtsUSA.org.  When you see a child gaining interest in the Arts, be supportive. Maybe it will only be a hobby or maybe that child will grow into an exceptional artist. 

I have a couple of causes on the Arts in the bar thingy to the right. Check it out if you please.

Cut out letters from a magazine (Redbook)
and taped to a paper to draw from.


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