Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Inspiring books 2 of 3! "The Complete Typographer"

The second book in my inspiring books 3-part-series is "The Complete Typographer 2nd edition" by Will Hill.

Unlike my last post, this book was actually a book that I needed for my class.  Did I use it during the class? Sometimes.  So, I suppose there are some books out there that you should hold onto after the class.  This one is one of them.  It's not one of those boring books.  It tells you what you can do with typography. 
To make a graphic in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, yes, you can make images and snazzy shapes (yes, I did type snazzy..), but you can do so much with just TYPE. 

After reading this, I dare you to open which ever graphics program you like best and create something using just typography.  BIG&BOLD, small, and even tilt some of the words side ways.  Why not?  Even change the kerning.  Making the letters squished close to each other sometimes forms a picture in it's self.

So, in short.. "The Complete Typographer" has some really great stuff in it.  It'll take you to a whole different level with your art. 

Where can I purchase this?

Amazon, I find lots through you!
Complete Typographer: A Manual for Designing with Type, 2nd Edition
I suggest looking through the used books!  This book new seems quite expensive.. eep! I mean, buy it new at 100 bucks, or used at 6/7 bucks? Yeah. I wonder which. :)

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Have a wonderful day, friends!

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