Sunday, June 26, 2011

SMILE! Taped Canvas with meaning

For this next project, I actually got the idea from watching tv.  I know, insane, huh?  Well, last week during the new show Switched At Birth, the character 'Bae' was putting tape on a canvas (she's an artist) and it got me thinking about how it would come out and what ways would work with this method.

Of course I would have to try it out because I became so excited about this. 

before the tape...

First and foremost I put masking tape on a canvas in an intriguing design. 
 It is quite hard to get a curved line with tape.  Just saying. :) 
After I got it perfect I decided on a color I wanted.  I chose a blueish/green this time.  Took me awhile to get the color perfect.  On this specific one, I may have put too much paint on it, the next time I may try not to paint so many coats.   

final outcome

I'm thinking about trying some where the color fades to different colors.  If you have any ideas leave a comment below, or tweet me on twitter @cindydesigns!  

I'm hoping to do more of these styles as it is fun and easy.  Gets your point across quite easily as well.  (:

Now go out there and smile!! ( : ( :

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