Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Creative Keys!

Why, hello there creative people! :)

I haven't posted much in the past few days and I am sorry about that.  
But today I bring you a creative find that I've seen here and there before. 

Painted keys.  I love this idea because it helps distinguish which key is which
AND gives a little more personality to your key ring. 

I would most definitely only recommend painting the top half because
a.) you might have a hard time working the key if it's all painted (maybe?)
and b.) even if you don't, the paint will get way more scratched on the bottom half.
Not really worth that. 

The paint I used was....

Nail polish.

That is all.  Just nail polish.  I mean, there are so many colors to choose from,
I have a ton and the brush is small.  Perfect. :)

Be creative with your key design!  I even added a little glitter to one!

Good luck!


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