Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Creative Find! Knitted Bracelets?!

I frequently visit DesignSponge[dot]com to see what ideas are up and I follow the site on twitter.  A couple of months ago a post went up about this DIY knitted bracelet and I just knew I wanted to try this out.

So naturally, I wait 2 months before trying it.  My excuse was that I needed to go get a yarn needle and didn't have a chance until this weekend. :)  Yeah, I'll stick with that!

Even for the beginner knitter, this is really easy peasy!  I mean, mine didn't come out perfect and I had to try a couple of times to get the sizing right but the it's just a simple knit stitch.  That is all.  Pretty fast to create, too.

I wonder ...instead of the button, if a bead would work... a large bead. 

Check it out on Design Sponge!


Give it a try!
Isn't it FUN to find creative projects?! :) 


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