Monday, March 18, 2013

Springtime Nail Design!

Happy Monday!
....erm, can Mondays really be HAPPY?  Lets say yes on the fact that it's a fresh start to a new work week.  

But anyway, this week ..Wednesday, to be specific, is the first official day of spring!  I am SUPER EXCITED because I don't like the cold much and hopefully with springtime practically here, the weather will start warming a little more. (:

To celebrate this wonderful occasion, here is a new nail design for your viewing pleasure.

This was actually pretty easy after I found an simple way of making it.  After painting my nails a light blue color, I then cut off the fuzzy part of a q-tip and dipped it into white for the clouds and yellow for the sun.  The best method of making the clouds and the sun is just dotting it carefully on after waiting for the blue to completely dry.

A toothpick might work just as good but I find the q-tip has a flatter edge and just worked better for me.
Whichever works best for you! :)  Try both out!

On the other hand (literally), I did the same thing but left off the sun on the thumb and added another cloud instead.

I love this nail design!  It reminds me of a nice, warm spring day!!

Have a wonderful start of the week!

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How awesome is the fact that I picked up a light blue nail polish called "Dreamer"!? 
I didn't even look at the name until after I bought it. 
Perfect name. :-)  


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