Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cinderella Inspired Nail Design! ...of course..

So I was at the store this weekend and as I was browsing around the racks of nail polish as I normally do 
(an obsession that I must stop, aaahh) I saw this light blue color that had a hint of sparkle. 
I thought it was so pretty.

I'm not sure if the picture is picking up the sparkle in it but it's there.  Just quite subtle.
Aaaaand yes, the name of the color is Cinderella. 

So naturally I had to pick it up.

I was soon inspired to do a Cinderella inspired nail design.  
The first attempt didn't go so great so the next day I tried again and I really am happy with it!

I went simple and added a tiara to the ring finger.  'Why didn't I do it to the other finger nails?' you may ask.
Well, I wanted it delicate and simple.  If I added a tiara to each nail, it would have been to much.  Atleast for my taste.

The tiara was a little tricky, especially for my right hand! (since I am right handed)

Although, all I did was start with a white line at the top, leaving space from the tip;
then added a couple of curves above it, making the middle curve slightly larger. 

I added a little silver to the center of each to give it a little more sparkle. :)

Well, I enjoyed making this.  It might sound simple but it definitely takes a steady hand.

Good luck and have fun creating!
Be creative with some kind of art!


Nail polish used:
"Cinderella" Sinful Colors Collection
Kiss Nail Art Polish in white and silver
Sally Hansen Double Duty strengthening base and top coat 

I would link each nail polish to someplace you can purchase, however, places like Amazon has the Sinful Colors "Cinderella" for 6 dollars when you can buy it at your local drugstore for 3 dollars... WHOA.  

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