Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day for the Single Artist.

So here is my Valentine's Day post.  
It's great to have a day like this but if you think about it... you should show love every day (although that can be haaard some days). 
Maybe I only think like this because I am single.
Yeah, that's what it is. 


Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

What's a single artist to do on this day?  Why not put that into doing something creative?  I mean, it is Thursday --a week day and if you're like me and can't support yourself as a full time artist yet, you have work the next day.

Whether you are happy being single or not so much... make some art and see what comes out of it.  Even if it's just a sketch.  It might be interesting to see what comes out of it.  

I will leave you with a new nail design of mine for the day ....I was going to do a separate post on it but it ended up taking a little longer than anticipated.  I changed a few ideas and it was a bit tricky to get right.  I do believe hearts are perfect for any time ...not just one day, anyway. 

I posted this on my twitter page, actually!
Even with a tip on getting the heart shape done .

Hope you all have a wonderful day!  
Don't eat too much candy. 

Also, just remember.... Valentine candy should be on sale on Friday. 


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