Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Quick Sketch Time! From places...

...inside my sketch book.

Taking a break from finding creative ideas for you all to share a bit of myself as an artist.
Hope that's ok.

Sometimes, as an artist, all you need to do to get out of a creative funk is to take out your sketch book and just do a quick sketch.  Who cares if it's neat.  Who cares if you can tell what it is.  I still like to do this from glancing at a photo but not really following.

Today, I take you to Paris, France.
The inexpensive route.

Not cleaned.  Not exact.  Not perfect.
Just a simple, fast pen drawing of the Eiffel Tower as seen on the picture that I have whenever I open my iPad.  

You see the hustle and bustle underneath this massive landmark and as your eye gets draw up...
 ...everything feels quieter.

I can only imagine seeing this in person.  Seeing Paris from the top of it (even though I do not like heights...)

Well, hope you enjoyed this (short) trip to Paris.
I'm sorry I couldn't afford the real one. 

One day, though... One day I will post a real picture that I took... 

Have a great day, everyone. 
Watch out for that jet-lag.  I hear it's no fun. 


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