Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I'm sure every artist wants their own studio space of their dreams.
If you aren't an artist, I'm sure you wouldn't mind have your own space of your dreams. 

Making art ...whether it be arts and crafts, painting, knitting, etc.-- you need to have good lighting.  I think natural light is one great form of light but it you work best at night... that'll be a probably, huh?

So I break you a few forms of lighting that I like... 

Love this hanging light!  Though I'm not sure it would illuminate much, it is definitely a great focal point!

As far at this picture goes, I don't see many light fixtures but I needed to include this one because of how much natural light is shining in and the windows are so high, it's almost mesmerizing.  Well, maybe.  I do love the setup, though!

And what's a post about lighting without a chandelier?  Especially on my blog.  I love how a chandelier can make any space classy and elegant.  Even if it is a studio space.  It reminds me of a fairy tale.  I love fairy tales.

Even a simply thing light lighting is worth some thought.  It can be art in its own.   Pretty amazing stuff.

Would you rather have natural lighting or some really fun looking lighting fixture? 


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