Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Lost Art of Jewelry Making?

drawing/necklace by cindydesigns of IamArtsyFartsy

OK, well... maybe not completely a lost art, as I made the title of this post.  What I mean is lately, I have been kind of leaving my jewelry creations to the side to dedicate more time to design work and this blog.  The necklace that I drew up top is one of my favorites.  I drew it black and white but the beads are a gold-ish color and the chain is black with a touch of gold that the beads really help bring out.

One nice thing of trying when making jewelry is to try anything!  Mixing it up a bit by incorporating two different metals or a few different sizes of beads.  A necklace can really be a centerpiece to a plain outfit that you may have worn a lot.  We all have that one outfit we wear SO MUCH.  Just pairing it up with a necklace ...a different necklace can change it completely.

This is why jewelry design is one interesting art.  One reason why I was drawn to it.
Maybe I'll get back into it?
We shall see!
A photo of the necklace by cindydesigns of IamArtsyFartsy

What kind of jewelry do you like?


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Pattie M said...

I really like the necklace you made. I'll bet it would be pretty in blue too.