Friday, January 18, 2013

...getting it printed: Freelance Friday!

Well, hello there my dear readers!

I didn't really put many posts up this week; when I got home from work, I was mostly concentrating on getting promo cards ready to be sent to the printer.

I'm doing this!

No backing down!

Well, I could but then I'd have wasted some money on getting these cards printed.  I won't show you the design yet... I'll wait for it to come in, which should be in about a week!


I usually get things printed on a website one of my teachers actually mentioned quite a few years ago.  It's pretty affordable-- which is awesome but sometimes they do get you with shipping.  I have noticed, though, they tend to have lots of deals;  especially on business card printing!

The problem I am having now is finding a way to reach potential clients.  I'm googling and googling but not having too much luck on where to start.

I'm sure I'll think of something soon.  Any tips, feel free to contact me!

Have a happy Friday!

I'll try to have more posts up next week. :)


p.s.  so who watched American Idol this week?! So glad it's back.  I call it a 'love/hate relationship' of a tv show.
I kind of tweet about it a lot so tweet me if you'd like to join in the Idol talk when it's on! [@cindydesigns]

Affordable, High Quality Business Cards!- 240x120

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