Friday, January 25, 2013

Real! Freelance Friday!

Decide on something catchy or sweet to say on your promo cards to get them interested ...or atleast reading.   ✔
Personalize the back of the card (the message area) to make it feel more inviting and less like an advertisement.  ✔
Get it printed. ✔
Find clients.

Ok, so I have my cards ..I am just having some trouble deciding on who exactly to send it to.  I was thinking to send them EVERYWHERE!  The SKYS the LIMIT! Which is, true ...but I only have a certain amount of cards that I got printed so I want to make sure I'm sending them away to a business that is right.

I may have some ideas ..I MAY being the operative word there.  I don't know why; I feel excited to get this going but nervous at the same time.  I don't know how this will turn out.  No one may contact me asking for something .....but SOMEONE might.

I think this is what is holding me back from really sitting down and making an actual list of places to send the cards too.  Not just the fact that I may not get any clients but the fact that I might get ONE.  What'll happen then?  I've been to college; I've taken a business class, many design courses where we talk about clients but the thing is.. this is REAL.  Something that I REALLY want to do and I am actually finding a way to do it.  Normally I would have stopped and given up at this point, which I have in the past.  I have some old business cards to prove it.  

I just have to force myself to keep going with it because I know it's something I really want to do and try.

Happy Friday!!


Is there something that might be holding you back?

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