Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Black & White Chevron Nail Art

I was thinking ...when do I ever where black nail polish?  Only for Halloween, if that.  It's one of those colors that really can be a bit of a statement.  I wanted to try and create a look that will incorporate black nail polish and have it be one of the focal points without being too in your face.

But if you like wearing black nail polish on its own, you work it.

I started off sketching ideas, actually.  That's sounds weird, huh?  Sketching ideas for nail art... But it really helps keep your ideas straight. It gives you a map to work with and remember more clearly.

Let's go through 3 easy steps on how I did this.. :) 
  1. I started off with painting my whole nail black except for one nail that I wanted inverted; I chose the middle finger because it's the top most finger and I thought it would look nice.  That nail, I painted white.  I did the same to both hands. 

  2. Once that dried, I painted the white 'chevron' shape or upside down 'v' on each nail and on the inverted nail I painted it black. One tip for doing this neatly is one side at a time and slowly. 

  3. After letting that dry, I used a silver nail art pen to paint the same chevron shape separating the black and white.  

I loved the way this came out. It's almost fancy looking but you can wear it on an every day basis.  I am quite happy with the outcome!

Hope you're having a great week.


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