Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nail Art of the Week!

Why, hello there fellow readers!

It's THURSDAY and my first post of the week.  Normally I post some type of quote for Monday morning but this week I've been doing a lot of painting.  Sometimes when you get into that painting zone, it's all you can think about...

  But anyway, this post is about my newest nail art!  

It's another pretty simple design.  I wanted to create something for my nails with different lines. 
 On my thumb nail, I made a heart which I felt it broke up the linear design from the rest of the nails and
softened the look up a bit.   

If you want, try and recreate something like this and tweet me this picture @IamArtsyFartsy!

Nail polish used: "Draw In Pink" Milani nail art with precision brush
"Dance In The Dark" JulieG 

I'm a little sad that the "Dance In The Dark polish  isn't showing the hint of purple in the picture as it does in person. 

Have a great Thursday!  
The weekend is almost here and we can DO IT!