Monday, February 4, 2013

The No Heart Striped Valentine's Nail Design!

Why, hello there!  Maybe it's a little early for one of these but it's close enough, even though Valentine's Day isn't really a holiday.  I mean, should you celebrate 'love' every day of the year?  

Maybe I would think differently if I weren't single.

But anyways!  Here we go. 

I used light pink, white, dark pink and red nail polish but for some reason, the colors are coming up almost orangey in the picture. 
 I do apologize for that but you get the gist of this design.  

I actually just started with the light pink nail polish over my entire nail and then added the white stripe at the top and worked my way down, leaving the light pink being the final stripe. 

Pretty easy.  Hopefully I'll have another nail design up next week ...maybe with a heart. 

Nail polish used:
"I Pink I Can" Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure
"Draw In Pink" Milani Nail Art 
"White Canvas" Milani Nail Art
Red Art Deco Nail Art


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